City Manager

The City Manager is the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for the overall daily operations of the City and for the delivery of high quality services through the combined efforts of:

  • Administrative Services
  • Community Development
  • Fire
  • Library
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Public Works
  • Sheriff Department
  • Transportation and Parking

Open Door

The City Manager has an "open door" policy with the public and City employees to maintain a good working relationship. The City Manager is assisted by Rita Bishop, Executive Assistant to the City Manager, who assist the manager in providing professional leadership and community interaction to ensure the continued progress of the community.

2022 City Beautification Program

The City Commission approved funding for a beautification program for homes in St. Pete Beach that lack green space and landscaping in their front Right of Way. An example would be a home with the front Right of Way that consists of asphalt. This program would remove the asphalt and add ground cover such as jasmine, mulch, perennial peanut, etc. along adding shade trees of the homeowners choosing Elm, Maple, or Oak. This would improve the look along the street and increase the city’s green infrastructure and tree canopy.

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