Hose Connections

The City of St. Pete Beach and Pinellas County are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the reclaimed water transmission and distribution lines within the city. This includes the reclaimed water curb stop located in the city easement of the property. The homeowners are responsible for any repairs or maintenance from the reclaimed water box to their irrigation system that is located on their private property.

If you intend to use a hose to hand-water, you will need a special hose segment, or hose bibb, to connect a standard garden hose to the Reclaimed Water box. If you need a hose bibb, you can obtain one from the front desk at City Hall, or you can request an above ground hose bibb assembly from Pinellas County Utilities (PCU) by calling (727) 464-5848. If you are having problems with your current hose bibb, please call Public Works at (727) 363-9243.