Corey Avenue District Plan

Corey Avenue Shopping DistrictThe Corey Avenue District Plan and Vision Poster are documents that portray the future that the City and its residents foresee for St. Pete Beach's downtown area. They include detailed conceptual designs and illustrations that tie together community visioning and planning efforts.

The purpose of the Plan and Poster is to guide development in both the public and private realms toward an enhanced, more pedestrian-friendly downtown environment.

Planning Process

  • Phase 1: Project Initiation (Month 1 through Month 2)
  • Phase 2: Conceptual Design (Month 3 through Month 5)
  • Phase 3: Community Review (Month 6)
  • Phase 4: Illustrative Plan (Month 7 through Month 8)
  • Phase 5: Final Concept (Month 9)

View illustrative chart on planning phase (JPG).

Study Area

Study Area Aerial Map

Starting the Project