Regular Collection

Regular Collection Days

Residential garbage collection takes place twice per week.

Addresses North of Lido Beach (45th Ave.): Monday & Thursday

Addresses South of Lido Beach (45th Ave): Tuesday & Friday

Holiday Collection Schedule:

There will be no collection on the 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and News Year's Day. This is because the County landfill and waste to energy plant are closed. If your regular collection day falls on one of those holidays, your garbage will be picked-up on your next regularly scheduled collection day.

Commercial garbage collection remains as currently contracted. Requests for changes in service should be directed to Customer Service. Call 727-572-6800.

Regular Collection Cans & Carts

Residential collection cans and/or carts must be provided by the homeowner. Cans and carts are required to have a tight-fitting lid. Bags of garbage must be contained in a can or cart; they are not to be placed on the curb for collection. All garbage must be placed in, and fit in without overflowing, an appropriate can or cart. The homeowner must provide a sufficient number of cans and/or carts for this purpose. The City will be enforcing the Ordinance requiring the proper type and number of containers.