Waste & Clean Up

Yard Waste

Yard waste includes all yard clippings, grass cuttings, leaves, shrubs, palm fronds, tree limbs and such other small rubbish as ordinarily accumulates about growing vegetation. Yard waste must be placed in bags or in a container for pickup. Branches and limbs must be neatly piled and not over four feet in length and no single object over 40lbs. Yard waste is included in the daily 2 cubic yard pick-up volume. Excessive yard waste will not be picked-up and will either be left for the next scheduled pick-up day or the customer should call for a special service pick-up.

Customers with landscaping service contracts are advised to have the landscaping company haul away all debris.

Household Bulky Waste

Household bulky waste in excess of the standard 2 cubic yard daily limit will not be picked-up. Customers with large amounts of bulky waste should call for a special service pick-up. In no case should household bulky waste be left on the curb prior to scheduling the pick-up.

Disaster Clean Up

In the case of a hurricane, storm event or other Federal or State declared disaster that results in a large accumulation of storm generated yard waste and debris within the City, the City shall collect the yard waste and debris as per the terms of the City's contract with a FEMA approved Disaster Debris Contractor. Waste Connections will not pick-up disaster generated debris. In the days following a declared disaster, Waste Connections will continue to collect normally generated household solid waste. Disaster debris and infrastructure damage may restrict access to normal route collections for a period of time. The City will work together with Waste Connections to restore normal service as soon as practical.

Debris generated by a non-declared storm will be treated as normal yard waste. Customers with debris volumes in excess of 2 cubic yards should call for a special service pick-up.