Golf Carts - Registration & Application

The Community Development Department also issues stickers for operation of golf carts on designated City roads, pursuant to City Ordinance 2013-17

Please be advised that golf carts are not allowed on State roads.

Annual Registration

The City of St. Pete Beach is responsible for the annual registration of resident-owned golf carts. A decal will be issued to be displayed on each registered golf cart. This registration and decal must be current at all times the golf cart is operated on City streets.

Bring a completed application Golf Cart Permit Application (PDF) and the following to City Hall between 8 am to 3:30 pm:

  • Proof that the vehicle owner has a valid Driver's License
  • Signed owner affidavit of liability insurance coverage either as a rider on a homeowner's policy or a separate vehicle policy
  • Signed owner affidavit that the vehicle has the following, operable equipment for dawn to dusk operation: 
    • Efficient brakes
    • A horn
    • A rearview mirror and red reflectorized warning devices in the front and rear
    • Reliable steering
    • Safe tires
  • For vehicles to be used for dusk to dawn operation there must be the following operable equipment: 
    • Brake lights
    • Headlights
    • Turn signals
    • A windshield
  • Owners of existing golf carts that are not equipped as described above shall be required to modify their golf carts prior to registration for operation on City streets.
  • Payment of annual registration fee ($10 cash or check).

Restricted Roadways for Golf Carts

View the Golf Cart Restricted Roadways Map (JPG) Opens in new window


  • The crossing of or operation on state or county roads is prohibited (shown in red)
  • Operation of golf carts not permitted on any sidewalks, parks, or beaches
  • Operation of golf carts only on designated roadways