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Honor Walk Order Form


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  2. brick3

  3. Honor Walk at Upham Beach

    Brick Order Form - 2024 Brick Campaign

    Orders will be received from February 2024 to May 2024

    Installation will take place in October 2024

  4. Levels of Donation

    • Level One - $100 Donation - Donors receive an 8" x 8" brick
        - 6 lines of text
        - 20 characters per line

    • Level Two - Tree Brick - $300 Donation - Donors receive an 8” x 8” brick with tree icon
        - 4 lines of text
        - 20 characters per line

    Donations help to maintain the Honor Walk

    If you have a preference as to which recognition area you would like your brick placed, 
    please indicate it in the form below

    (As a point of reference, the plaques in each area honor special groups of people - North is military, the two middle are residents, and the South is City officials)

  5. Level of Donation

  6. Payment Info
    Honor Brick
  7. Price

    If choosing the Tree Brick option, please select if you would like the Tree on the Top or Bottom of the brick.
    Note: When choosing the Tree brick option, you are limited to 4 lines of text.

  9. 20 characters per line, a space counts as a character. We go by your lettering, i.e. capitalized letters, lower case letters, symbols, etc. (if ordering multiple bricks, please fill out one form for each brick ordered) 

  10. Electronic Signature Agreement
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